Australia’s Nintendo Direct Round-Up


I have gone on record several times as saying that as far as I’m concerned, Nintendo outperformed Sony and Microsoft in 2014. From Mario Kart 8 to Pokemon ORAS; from two different versions of Super Smash Bros to the all-glorious Bayonetta 2 (which was definitely the best game of 2014, I wish I was playing it now); Nintendo went from strength to strength last year. So looking to 2015 Nintendo have live streamed their first Nintendo Direct for this year to showcase some of 2015’s major Nintendo releases. So how is Nintendo shaping up for the year ahead? Let’s take a look. Continue reading Australia’s Nintendo Direct Round-Up


The Binding Of Isaac: Rebirth


The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth is the newest release from series creator Edmund McMillen who first created the original Binding of Isaac in 2011. Due to the overwhelming success and audience reaction to the first game McMillen has continued adding to the series by creating extra content with large updates and DLC, eventually leading to a complete remaking of the original game into the fantastic game known as The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. Continue reading The Binding Of Isaac: Rebirth

Pentatonix – That’s Christmas To Me



It is sometimes hard to believe that an a cappella group has managed to reach a mainstream audience, but once you listen to any cover by Pentatonix, it makes sense that this group of talented musicians has gained widespread success just with their voices, no backing instruments required. Their latest offering, That’s Christmas To Me, is the perfect album to get even the biggest Scrooge to get into the holiday spirit with their large variety of carol covers to fill your ears.  Continue reading Pentatonix – That’s Christmas To Me

Telltale’s Game of Thrones: Episode One Impressions

Telltale’s latest episodic adaptation is out and while only one episode has been released, I thought I’d give a mini-review anyway.

got screenshot

I think Telltale finally realised why people play there games: decision making. There’s no flimsy puzzle-solving and only two or three quick time events right at the start of the game. You’ll always feel like you’ve made the wrong decision, and that’s exactly what you need but may not know you want. Continue reading Telltale’s Game of Thrones: Episode One Impressions

Freedom Wars – Review (Vita)

There are two reasons why you might not have heard of Freedom Wars. For one, it’s a Vita game, and it’s had no marketing. The first thing you might notice, if you’re a fan, is the similarity between Freedom Wars and Attack on Titan. It’s Japanese, you fly around on rocket propelled ropes to take down huge monster, and you get to hang out with a bunch of rag-tag teenagers. There’s still enough to set it apart from the popular anime, but for all intense and purposes, it’s the Attack on Titan game fans want. Continue reading Freedom Wars – Review (Vita)

Fantasy Life (Nintendo)

Ever wanted to combine the cuteness of Nintendo’s Animal Crossing and Square Enix’s series Dragon Quest on the Nintendo 3DS and DS into one hybrid? Well Japanese independent video game developers and publishers Level-5, with assistance from 1-UP Studio have successfully melded the two into bright and colourful JRPG named Fantasy Life.


Fantasy Life is set in the land of Reveria, a bright and cutesy land that includes the niches of a desert area and snow level. The story in this game is unfortunately the biggest downside, it is clichéd and boring. The writing in this game is obviously for a younger audience and never shocks the audience. The plot is just a means to open new areas for more fun skill grinding and side quests.

Continue reading Fantasy Life (Nintendo)